what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

It was a straight loud noise that interrupted his stupid dream this morning very early. About 2 hours earlier than usually. It was the annoying sound of his cellphone.

First he didn't want to get up. He knew, that all he would see was his musty apartment, in which he lived since about 6 years now. Passing the depressing bathroom and the uncleaned kitchen, just to grab a cellphone, that is maybe anywhere in the living room under a heap of laundry is definitely not one of the things, which make you wanna get up at 4 a.m. in the morning. Since he lived alone here, everything seemed so much smaller. He had no reason to clean up all the mess, because he knew she wouldn't come back. She was away, and he had to realize that.

...and even if he had sworn, he would never think about her again his whole life, he thought about her every time he opened the door, or just took out his shoes. It was kind of embarrassing, that an 25-year-old man, who should be in the best years of his life, couldn't get one stupid girl out of his head. But anyways, he didn't want to start thinking or talking about this whole thing again. It still made him sad.

So, the cellphone kept on ringing, and at least he got up. He knew he wasn't supposed to fall asleep again, but he wasn't too sad about it, because so it was much more likely that he'll forget his silly dream.

Some people said, that he had had so many possibilities his whole life. He had graduated and he had been going to College for 3 years, but if life had had so many possibilities for him, why was he still sitting here in his little ugly nasty and untidy apartment in Vegas with no job and no reason to get up in morning?

And why is he still blaming her for all the things that happened to him in his life? Maybe he just needed somebody he could hate.

To be honest, he didn't know it and neither do I.

Some people say, that if you grow up in Vegas, you have no choice, your life is supposed to be a Vegas-Life and if you want to fight against it, you will fall much deeper than you think.

That was what happens, but nobody really talks about it, because there is this rule: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

And I'm sure, this phone call will also stay a secret of his city, his life.

It's Vegas Baby.

2.10.07 06:07

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