“My inspiration to change”


I know a lot of persons, whose life impressed me in many ways. People like Jeanne D’Arc, who fought her whole live for the things she believed in. And people like Martin Luther King, who wanted that everybody gets a voice which will be heard.

All of them are people, who I like and admire for their strength.

But I don’t know if I would say anybody of them is “My inspiration to change”.

When I think about an inspiration, I need somebody, who is a little bit more like me.

I know, I’ll never live a life as a spy, and I know I’ll never held speeches which are today representative for so the strength of a whole nation. This is not me. I’m nobody, who tries to stand always in the midpoint.

For me such inspirations to change are the “little heroes of the day”. Normal people, who fight against diseases, people who try to make the world everyday a little bit better, together.

I’ve once read this book. It was a very sad, but also a very hopeful story. There was this little girl, about 11 or 12 years. She lived in Africa and her mom has had cancer.

It must be a hard live, if your parents can’t take care of you. She didn’t go to school, because she has to do the household and everything. But she worked. She worked so hard everyday just to give her little brother the chance to go to school. She wanted that life for him she was never supposed to live. This story impressed me pretty much.

Today, when I have a bad day or something goes wrong, I always have to think about this girl.

Her brother got the chance to have a better live, thanks to her.

And this is what I mean with “little heroes of daily life”. A little girl has maybe changed the whole life of her brother.

I am very impressed by this whole story, and even if I don’t know, whether it’s a true story or not, I believe things like this happen. They can happen everyday, and we all can let them happen.

Maybe we already have the chance, to go to school because our parents are not so sick, but then we should do something with this right.

I can honestly say, I like holidays more than school, but I realized the chance all this gives me. I have the chance to help one day people with my knowledge.

I have the chance to help people, with doing little things.

A little girl changed the live of a little boy. She was my inspiration, the reason why I believe: “I can change things”.

So I ask myself, if everybody starts to believe in the power and potential of change, which everybody has anywhere: “What could we reach together, with just doing all the little things that make a life worth living?”

25.9.07 23:00

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